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27th-Jul-2014 08:58 pm(no subject)
Coffee and shopping yesterday, hiking today. Hanging out with new friends is great! :)
26th-Jul-2014 11:08 pm - Spinning
Last night, after going through what felt like hell and high water to get tickets, I got to see my favourite DJ tyDi at a couple of nightclubs in the city. While the experience of getting there was less than pleasant, the overall night was amazing! <3

Not only did he play one of my favourite songs from his own work, Acting Crazy, he also dropped Mr Brightside into his set (cue me screaming and dancing like a total fool) but he also played tracks off of his up and coming album. Honestly an amazing set, both times I heard it, haha.

Also got a super cute picture with him at the end of the night, even though it was past 3am, I'd been dancing for about fours and the poor guy was exhausted.

Such a great night!
20th-Jul-2014 10:56 pm - The Things I'd Rather Forget
Alan Shore thinking
I've spent the last hour or so picking out random tags from my sidebar and reading some of the old posts that I've written.

I knew I'd changed from the person I was 8 years ago, but I didn't realise just how much.

Holy shit I hope I am never that stupid again. I hope I never do that kind of dumb shit ever again. I hope I never let anyone use me like that again.

I'm glad I've kept this journal though, now that I can look back and see it all.

Now I just need to focus more on the good things!
11th-Jul-2014 11:37 pm(no subject)
Last weekend I attended my first convention and it was actually a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be!

Extremely long gushy post about RDA and Oz Comic ConCollapse )
24th-Jun-2014 12:20 am - EDC, I'm Coming For You
I've spent a lot of this weekend watching EDC Curated - basically a live stream of the Electric Daisy Carnival that happens once a year in Vegas - I believe it generally falls on or around the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. Three nights of electric dance music and madness.

While I've been getting big on EDM music of late, I'm still unfamiliar with a lot of DJs, so it's been really interesting to listen to their set and just see the general atmosphere of such a massive event. I've got absolutely no experience in something like that, but after watching the sun rising on the other side of the world to a unbelievably large crowd singing along as a DJ "drops" of my favourite songs EVER (Human by The Killers), it's made me go "YES, I want do this!" I'd been wavering in my commitment the last few months, but actually seeing and hearing what I'd be missing out on...

Some DJs really are fantastic at taking songs I know and love and putting new angles on them I might not have seen coming and just adding to that emotionally immersing experience I find music to be.

Now I just gotta save up the cash and lose some weight and hopefully this time next year I'll be screaming, dancing and partying along side them all! Pretty sure I'll spend all three nights crying, hahah.
17th-Jun-2014 08:46 pm - OH. MY. GOD.
I just spent more money than I normally would to...

... oh my god...

Meet Richard Dean Anderson.

*head 'splodey*

He's going to be at the Melbourne Oz Comic-Con (along with Gary Jones!!!!), and I bought an RDA experience, which gets me entry to Comic-Con, reserved seat at his panel, a photo with him and his autograph. I feel a little guilty for spending so much money on it, but it's probably something I'll never do again. Bit worried about the fact that I'll likely be going in alone, but I've already organise to meet up with some friends at the event.

... what does one wear to something like this? How does one act leading up to the photo? If I cry, I'll also die of embarrassment!!
In an effort to make new friends, something I've not been very good at in the last three years, I went to a Reddit meetup at a bar in the city on the weekend and, hoy boy, was it an adventure!

As of now, I would like to claim that I succeeded in my mission and made new friends, had lots of laughs and got faaaaaaarrrr too drunk! I don't even remember getting home and that always terrifies me. But I was so scared going in to meet people that I just over did it. At least I now know that I don't need to be that scared anymore and they were really lovely people! Even the guy who spent lots of time following me around and patting my hair. That was an experience.

I'm really hoping to go to another meet up soon, and stay sober, haha. Hopefully they all like me sober, too! I spent yesterday recovering and getting lots of messages from people saying how good it was to meet me and how much fun we all had together and stuff, so I hope that it happens soon! One guy has been pushing for me to go and hang out with him, but I have a feeling he's after something that there's no way in hell he's getting, so noooo. If he keeps pushing, I have no problems with just deleting him.

Anyway, yay for Reddit!
13th-Jun-2014 12:53 am - Hair Woes
Oh, hey there. Say, um, it's been almost 7 years since I last wrote a fic, let alone posted one, but, I seem to have written a little drabble this evening after it wouldn't leave me alone at work. So, ah, here it is... please be gentle... also if anyone can come up with a title...? Haha.

This isn't final, but at the same I just wanted to share it now before I never did. I feel like I reached my peak in writing 7 years ago and it's really been bringing me down of late, so now that I've actually written a few words, I needed to put it out there before I keep it to myself forever.

Title: Hair Woes
Author: ladysilverangel
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None
Length: 800ish words
Written for: the heck of it?
Notes: I'm terrified.

"Carter, should I do something with my hair?”

Hair WoesCollapse )

11th-Jun-2014 11:02 pm - Siiiiing To Me!
Tell me about your relationship with music.

Do you enjoy it? Do you seek new music or are you content with the same songs, albums, artists that you stick with? Do you have music that fits your mood, can music change your mood? Is there music that you hate, that you'll switch away from if you hear it?

Are you musically talented? Do you sing or dance?

Music motivates, soothes, influences, drives, calms, excites and uplifts me. I have playlists to match my moods, to help me through a work day and to push me harder at the gym. I bought a fantastic pair of headphones on my last trip to America and I love using music to tune out the world and be in my own space, no matter the situation. It's funny how the music that I listen to on the way into work will dictate my mood for the morning. There are songs that play at work that straight away pick up my mood, no matter how crappy my day is going.

I have my favourites, like OneRepublic, Sara Bareilles, The Script, The Fray and Cher Lloyd are amongst my favs. Male voice rock, female voice pop and then all of the electric dance music you can throw at me.

What are you into?
10th-Jun-2014 12:10 am - Quirky Animal
My dog, Toby, is one of the funniest creatures I have ever spent time with. He's a 5 year old pomeranian x chihuahua (pomchi) who we adopted from the RSPCA when we probably shouldn't have been getting a dog and he's made me smile every single day for the past two years.
Toby, the PomchiCollapse )

Dogs rule. <3

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